Wednesday, January 04, 2012

蒲种亚依淡土埋场休闲公园 Worldwide Landfills Park, Air Hitam Puchong

在蒲种亚依淡森林保护区南边,其实在好几年前,被雪州政府辟为土埋场,我还记得在多媒体大学生涯时,我们都不喜欢到这一Taman Equine区的嘛嘛档喝茶还是什么的,因为空气中时常会飘来一股难闻的垃圾味--亚依淡土埋场在那些年还是操作着的。


经过了5年来以高科技康复这片土地, 原本这个属于雪州政府子公司Worldwide有限公司所拥有的亚依淡土埋场,已经联合国能 TNB一同发展这“遍地黄金”!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Iskandar Malaysia Open Day

The hottest topic in Johor development nowaday is the Iskandar Malaysia.Now they were having an exhibition (they called it open day) last week at CitySquare, JB.

By seeing its venue of the Iskandar Malaysia open day- Johor Bahru City Square Mall, you get a glimpse that the success of Iskandar Malaysia Project is very much rely on the participation of Singapore in it. Furthermore it’s started held during Singapore’s public holiday- Good Friday, last week Friday till Sunday. How one do not relate its largest target audience is Singapore?

The most attracting topic to me is the Iskandar Educity which reside in the Nusajaya. Previously I only managed to find where is the Marlborough college’s location, I was there to know further where exactly the other universities and colleges’ location in Nusajaya.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Setia Eco Garden, Johor Bahru 新山实达生态园

Upon some request from my friends, here I translate the article to English for sharing.

Recently I did not have much travel plan, so I decided to pay a visit to Johor Bahru-the nearest Malaysian city to Singapore.

At the mean time, I would like friends of same interest, or who know the area that I mentioned, could participate to give some valuable comments, at least we have some info sharing on the internet. So that someone could benefit from the precious advice, thus making a wise property investment decision.

For first topic, I’d like to talk about SP Setia Eco Garden, which I was having quite good impression on it, largely contributed by its main theme- Eco.

Friday, April 08, 2011

新山实达生态园Setia Eco Garden, Johor Bahru




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